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Commercial Land Available in Brandon 90 Plaza

Brandon 90 Plaza is a 50 acre commercial development adjacent to and easily accessible from Interstate 90 in Brandon, South Dakota. Last week, developer Darrel Viereck announced that an anchor store has agreed to purchase land in the development. While that business remains nameless as the sales contract is finalized, Heartland Appliance has purchased a space and is hoping to start construction on or around May 1st. As far as other plans, Mr. Viereck has said that Brandon 90 Plaza will have one or more strip malls, a hotel, at least two fast food restaurants, and a possible sit-down restaurant. If you are looking for a prime commercial space in a growing community, there's no better location than Brandon 90 Plaza!


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(605) 582-9059

P.O. Box 95

304 Main Avenue, Brandon, SD 57005



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